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Make it a Summer to Remember For Kids

Probably you have no idea how you ended up as a mentor at a kids’ summer camp programs in India. Then, what next? They are excited, bubbly and energetic beyond imagination. Very definition of kids. Now, how to keep them engaged for the next two weeks? All your childhood involved was playing on swing sets. Then, how would you find captivating fun games for the Gen-Zer's? Well here are a few easy ones to burst their boredom. Kids need to have a blast in summers or when else?

Nature hunt is one of the best ways to make them run their energy and also learn. Plan charts of nearby plants and divide the kids into 4-5 groups and make them put the leaves or flowers under the right the right name on the chart. The first group to complete the chart wins a trip to the ice cream parlour.

It's kids summer camp programme in India! Kids definitely need to cool off. What's better than indulging them in water games? Plan a race of sorts that includes sprinkles, hidden water balloons and buckets of water.

Are the kids getting sunburns and tanning with all the outdoor activities in the summer sun and you are definitely wondering how to keep them indoors for the afternoon? What better way than to nurture their creativity with art and craft, but the usual papers and colors might not be good enough? Let them indulge their fantasies in plain white t-shirts with fabric colours. These could also be branded as the camp T-shirt or used as camp momentos.

If it’s raining outside, it might turn out to be in your favour. Tickle their brains with some adventure reading like send them with Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn or with Mowgli and Bagheera into the jungle. If some are especially notorious ones, then give them Goosebumps with R.L. Stine. You can even feed their fantasy with Harry Potter. Nothing's better than bunk bed reading with chocolate fudge ice cream on rainy days for kids.

Make it a summer to remember for kids and notice, how you revisited your childhood as well. It was actually fun.


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